Lairds and their Lassies Kindle Edition by Bonnie Brand

Scottish Historical BDSM Forbidden Victorian Erotica Bundle

Three tales of powerful Lairds, honorable highlanders and sinful doctors, all against the misty, rugged backdrop of historical Scotland. Included in this great value collection are the following heart-racing stories:


Kyra is 18 years old, beautiful and headstrong. When she is told by her father, the Laird of Argyll, that she must marry an ugly French nobleman, she runs away, trying to escape her terrible fate.

The Laird is angry, and sends out a strong and brutish highlander to hunt her down and return her to the castle, unharmed, and with her maidenhood intact.

The highlander manages to find Kyra easily enough, but it’s the last part of the Laird’s orders he struggles with… As Kyra and her highlander grow closer, who can tell what wild passions will develop, deep in the Scottish highlands?

Contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature.


Eighteen-year-old Jenny is a bit of a tomboy. She likes climbing trees and wading in rivers. She has never shown any interest in members of the opposite sex. No interest, that is, until a dark, commanding stranger enters her parents’ cottage one stormy November night.

The Laird of Kilmarnock eats dinner at Jenny’s table, but his appetite is far from sated. That night, Jenny truly learns what it means for a man to be hungry, and she discovers a rather insatiable appetite of her own

Contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature.


When an inexperienced nun is told she needs to be examined to be sure of her suitability for a role at Crannach Abbey, she doesn’t know quite what to expect. Soon, she’s being probed and examined by the unusual instruments of a stern chaplain, whilst the head nun of the convent watches on.

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