Please Come Home for Christmas by Lenora Worth (ePUB)

Please Come Home for Christmas by Lenora Worth (ePUB)

Please Come Home for Christmas: A Novella (Sleigh Bells Ring)
by Lenora Worth ePUB

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In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas . . . and something fishy.

Her heart ought to be on the naughty list. Amy has hardly shown her son around the family horse farm or brushed a thoroughbred before she’s fraternizing with the enemy. It’s been awhile since her husband died, since her heart felt this way.

But after real estate developer Dan Wentworth has been so cozy with her sisters about selling their newly inherited property, Amy can’t be sure if he’s warming up to her. Or merely warming her up to the idea of letting the family homestead be bulldozed for a housing development.

She doesn’t want to hurt her sisters, but the money from Dan’s proposal could go a long way in making single-motherhood merry and bright.

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